Welcome to Drop Lot

Drop Lot's Secured Truck Parking is a 30-acre, full service secure truck and trailer parking facility, located in Kansas City, MO, just off of Interstate 435, few miles from the Missouri/Kansas border. We’re close to the Kansas City Southern Railway, as well as all the other intermodal facilities.


    • Secured truck parking (from 1 to 1000 spaces available)
    • 24/7 secured gate and facilities
    • We have parking for small and large accounts
    • Short term container and trailer storage for loads that need only a few days of secured storage, until customer can accept delivery
    • Web-based CCTV access so that you are able to view your equipment at all times
    • Web-based daily EDI activity reports, so that you can see exact what equipment you have on hand in the yard at any time
    • Cross dock and transload service — we can flip loads, rework freight, hold cargo for another truck to pick up or store cargo long term
    • Five-high container stacking, storage and repair
    • Heated indoor storage for loads that are temperature sensitive
    • High value cargo storage — we can park trailers inside, where they will be locked up and monitored by CCTV and guards, so your cargo is safe and secure
    • Certified mechanic shop to repair your trucks, dry and refrigerated trailers, containers and chassis
    • Tire shop for tire repair or replacement
    • We can accept driver ppw and hold it for another driver to recover
    • We can make deliveries and pick ups for you if your driver is out of hours or tied up at another stop
    • We have professional office space available for rent



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